Youth Co:Lab Winners

Arooga Health

Did you know that the Philippines has some of the highest number of depression cases in South East Asia?

Concerned about the lack of accessible mental health services in the Philippines, Grad school students Sam and Dom decided to set up Arooga Health, an online service that connects people who are seeking mental health support with counsellors and psychiatrists. Their mission is simple: to de-stigmatize mental health issues in the workplace. Watch this video to learn about how the duo plan to accomplish their mission.


It's no secret that legal processes can be complicated. That's why LawKo founders Alex and Keisha created a Facebook-based AI chatbot that helps inform the Filipino public about the legal system, in an interactive and engaging way. 

Alex and Keisha met in college, where Alex was studying Law and Keisha was working in IT. After a spontaneous, last-minute decision to take part in a hackathon, they combined their respective expertise to create LawKo. To their surprise, they won the hackathon, and have been committed to developing their product and improving legal literacy in the Philippines ever since. Check out this video to learn more!

Hands On

Nannan is a boy from China who was born without fingers on his left hand. Like thousands of other children in his situation, Nannan's family didn't have the money to pay for reconstructive surgery or to buy an expensive prosthetic hand, which would have to be replaced yearly as Nannan grew.

It is children like Nannan that Hands On, one of the winning teams of Youth Co:Lab's Regional Social Innovation Challenge, want to help.

Watch this video to learn more about Hands On co-founders Lee and Su, and their innovative initiative to provide disabled children with customized, 3D printed prosthetic hands.


"The name PHINIX was inspired by the Phoenix bird, which dies and gets reborn into a new bird."

Check out our video of Pamela Mejia, founder of Phinix, a social enterprise that upcycles textile wastes by collecting old clothes and fabric scraps and transforming them into higher value products, such as footwear and bags. Learn about her inspiration, advice for young entrepreneurs, and life after winning the Youth Co:Lab Summit this year!