Connecting the Un-Connected: Solution Pathways to Turning Unpaid Domestic and Care Work into Development Dividends

November 27 '18

When: November 27-29

Where: Hyderabad, India

Youth Co:Lab, together with UNDP Asia-Pacific and UNDP India DISHA project, is holding an open ideation workshop on the topic of Unpaid Care and Domestic Work. The workshop aims to use a design thinking approach to facilitate the generation of innovative solutions for realizing women’s equal agency and participation in economic, social and political activities

Participants will be encouraged to apply innovation and design thinking techniques to gender programming, working collaboratively to design and develop solutions, while taking advantage of the networking opportunities provided at the workshop. On the first day, they will learn about unpaid domestic and care work in the region, as well as about innovation methodologies and good practices in gender programming. The second day will focus on experiential learning about design thinking and the hackathon process. On the third and last day, participants will apply the knowledge and skills acquired over the previous two days to design and pitch concrete solutions to the perception that unpaid domestic and care work is the responsibility of women.

The event is co-hosted by WeHub, the first State-run platform and incubator for women entrepreneurs. It will be attended by participants and stakeholders from different sectors, including the International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW) Asia Regional Office, young female entrepreneurs, academia, business incubators, members of local government and UNDP gender focal points from 24 countries across Asia Pacific.

Finally, the workshop will also see the launch of Youth Co:lab in India. We look forward to a National Dialogue and more starting next year!