Blog Competition: From Survive to Thrive

November 01 '17

In Survive to Thrive, the first blogging competition from UNDP’s Youth Co:Lab, we are looking at the essence of why something works or doesn’t work. We want to hear from you if you are a: a budding youth entrepreneur, youth leader, activist, social entrepreneur or just someone trying to make an idea work.

To help and inspire our Co:Lab members, we would like to hear your experiences of success, and failure, or just plain day-to-day progress, and the ways in which your own story, of someone you know, or the story of the institutions or economic structures around you have either helped or hindered the achievement of your goals.

We are not here to judge your success. We would like to understand what you have learnt from your story and how you intend to improve your business, your project, or your choices, as a result. We also want to hear your solutions and recommendations: What do you need to make a youth-lead enterprise work in the Asia Pacific in 2017?

We are looking for short to medium-length blogs (250-1000 words). To participate you must be between 18 and 34 years of age and from, or living in, the Asia-Pacific region.

We are offering the winner a trip to the Youth Co:Lab forum to be held in Baotou, China, in July 2018, all expense paid. We will also publish the best blogs on the brand new Youth Co:Lab website to be launched this month:


Send us your entries by Friday the 1st of December, 5pm ICT to [email protected]