2030 Youth Force One Year On

In October 2017, UNDP and UN Volunteers facilitated a review meeting for the core members of the Youth Force in Ho Chi Minh City, with the aim of discussing their future steps, and their overarching values and identity as a regional network. During the three-day meeting, these young leaders from India, Viet Nam, Nepal, Indonesia, the Philippines and Cambodia talked about monitoring and evaluation plans, partnerships, fundraising and regional coordination strategies.  In the upcoming year, they aim to increase their geographic coverage, so that they reach young people outside of the capitals, and engage more marginalised groups including rural, migrant and indigenous youth. They want go beyond awareness raising and plan to focus on youth empowerment under the theme of ‘SDG LEADers’. It was decided during the meetingthat they would build regional working group structures with representatives from each interested country to facilitate more regional collaboration on campaigns, knowledge sharing and communications. The Filipino chapter is already a registered NGO, a transition which many of the other chapters are planning for too, in an effort to facilitate cooperation with other stakeholders and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the network and its chapters.

 The 2030 Youth Force receives support from the UNDP and UNV Asia and the Pacific offices in the form of capacity building, facilitation of meetings, coordination support and technical assistance for communications and the 2030 Agenda.

Follow their work through their website and facebook page.